Missing teen's family prepare grave site

"At least now my brother is resting in peace."It was the worst case scenario for Miguel Sosa.

On Sunday, the search for his missing brother, 17-year-old Jose Francisco Araujo, came to a tragic end.

"I was not going to rest until I found my brother," Sosa said.

"Unfortunately I found him dead. At least now, my brother is resting in peace."

Sosa said he was the one who found his teen brother's body, in a brushy field not far from his home.

He said he had a "gut feeling" about finding his brother in the area.

Sosa said the body looked like it had been intentionally covered with cardboard.

"Somebody had messed with him already," Sosa said.

On Monday, crime scene investigators searched the area for any clues that would reveal who or why someone would want to hurt or kill the teen.

Sosa said the one thing he's certain about is that his brother had been dead for several days.

"He's a 17-year-old kid that didn TMt deserve to die," Sosa said. "I have no words but to say I love him (and) I miss him."

Having no choice but to face the grim reality, Sosa and other family members spent the day Monday preparing Jose TMs grave site, at La Palma Cemetery on Alton Gloor Boulevard.

There, Jose Araujo will be laid to rest next to his grandfather and other family members.

"There's nothing I can do now, but hope he's in a better place," Sosa said.

Brownsville Police detained two people in connection to Araujo's death, but have not released information on how the teen died or a possible motive.