Mission academic club questions funding

Concerned students from a Mission school contacted our listens line telling us after all they're hard work, the district would not be able to fund their club competitions.

The school district said they've already solved the issue, but students said they still plan to meet with the board because they have questions they want answered.

Dora Rodriguez is a senior at Veterans Memorial High School.

She's been looking forward to competing in Laredo through her work in Health Occupations Students of America or (HOSA).

"We were able to get training in the community response team funded by the federal government, so it's a big deal," said Rodriguez.

She said in order to qualify for the competitions, students must study text books and get training from medical professionals.

"We asked for people outside in the community like fire departments and other professionals to come and help us and tutor us," she said.

This week, she said administrators in the Mission school district told them there wasn't enough funds to pay for club members to compete outside of the Valley.

Action 4 News contacted the district and they said this news came out of miscommunication, and the district has already solved the issue.

They said the district is looking at trying to draw on other sources.

"For now, that could be a solution, or we could ask sponsorships from the community or any other type," she said. "We just want to advance."

But Rodriguez said HOSA members still plan to meet with board members to make sure their competitions will be funded.

If not, Rodriguez said they want to make sure they can prepare for other ways to pay.

HOSA members plan to speak out Wednesday night at the Mission CISD board meeting.