Mission couple busted for selling meth, ecstasy

Victor Vasquez and Giuliani Perez faced a judge after police raided their home Wednesday night. In the home, police found twelve pounds of methamphetamines, 568 grams of ecstasy (that is about 2,000 pills), guns, and over $5,000 dollars in cash. Police also confiscated a bowl used to smash those types of drugs and a pill press. Not only did police find drugs and the tools to make them, they also found two very young children. "If they manufacture the drugs in the home the charge is upgraded," said Tittle. Meth is highly addictive and is used as a substitute for cocaine.Some of the noticeable effects of meth use is rotting of the teeth and sores on the body.With drugs targeted at children, Sgt. Tittle said he hopes meth does not become a problem in the Valley like it has in other communities."I hope these people are a lot smarter than that, said Tittle. You grab a bunch of household chemicals and dangerous drugs and put them into your system, nothing good comes out of that."