Mission couple wants retribution after oil company caused damage to home

Damaged home

A Mission couple living in a decaying house said they were cheated out of money to repair their home after a lawsuit was settled months ago.

Eight years ago, an oil company placed a seismic machine in front of Sylvia and Ramon Sanchez TMs home which caused vibrations that shook their home.

"It was like when there TMs a plane that going to land on top of your house, or it lands on top of your house, that TMs how bad it was," Sylvia said.

The vibrations cracked walls and windows.

"We can't put any more money into it because it TMs all cracked up, Sylvia Sanchez said. We're afraid if we put more stuff on the ceiling through the outside its going to fall in on us."

Water started to leak through the cracks in the roof and walls causing decay and mold.

Now the couple is confined to their bedroom, which has the least damage.

The Sanchez TMs contacted attorney Frank Enriques.

It turns out that more than 90 other residents contacted an attorney and filed a lawsuit against six different companies claiming their homes and property were damaged by the vibrations.

The case took years but a settlement was finally reached.

"My house was only cosmetic damage, so I would get like $11,000," Sylvia said.

After attorney and paper fees they are left with $3,186, which the couple says is not enough to even tear down the home much less fix the damage.

"We've been cheated by the companies and the attorneys," Sylvia said.

Action 4 contacted Enriques and attorney Robert Loree who both handled the case.

The couple along with the other 90 residents signed and agreed to the settlement according Loree.

He said the Sanchez TMs were not treated any differently than any of the other residents.

The couple still is not satisfied.

"I'm not asking for charity, I'm asking for those who are responsible for the damage to pay," Sylvia said.

They filed a grievance on the case hoping their eight year nightmare will finally come to an end.