Mission family needs help after father passes away

With Thanksgiving approaching many families are making plans to spend the holiday together.

But for one local family that won't be the case, as their loved one has just passed away.

Bertha Lopez tells Action 4 News her husband Alfonso has been battling leukemia for the past 10 years.

The 52- year-old man recently passed away in a San Antonio hospital, his family is still in shock.

"We were just going to San Antonio for a study", said Bertha Lopez. "For a spinal cord transplant, we were just coming and going to an appointment."

But Lopez's health took a turn for the worst. "When they took him into the emergency room he was real sick", said Bertha Lopez.

"They took him upstairs, and they couldn't do much for him. The doctor said he was probably bleeding internally from his heart.

They were unable to revive him, and that's when they told me his passed away."

Bertha Lopez tells Action 4 News her husband was strong.

She also questions why his doctor waited so long to tell him about the transplant option.

Bertha adds her husband was turned away after he stopped receiving Medicaid.

"When they took away his Medicaid the doctor didn't want to see him anymore", said Lopez.

Knowing he was sick, Lopez says her husband tried to get insurance to make sure the family would be okay.

"He was going to get insurance to have everything paid off, but was unable to because he was already sick", said Lopez.

Now Lopez, a stay at home mom is left to provide for five children all by herself.

The youngest child is only 2 years old.

"I don't have any more for all of the necessary expenses", said Lopez.

The Lopez family was looking forward to the holidays.

Bertha says her husband told her after he came home from the hospital they would celebrate together as a family.

"We were all going to be together, just like every year we had a good time", said Lopez.

The Lopez family is asking for assistance with funeral expenses.

If you would to make a donation you can stop by any IBC bank.

For more information, call the family at (956) 563-4976.