Mission family searches for elderly man

A Mission family is searching for an elderly man who disappeared over the weekend.

Modesto de la Rosa's family says that the 70-year-old man walked along 2 Mile Line in Mission every day, but they fear that this weekend he may have fallen in a nearby canal.

Modesto's daughter San Juanita de la Rosa prays with her family that they will find her lost father.

He was last seen on Saturday morning walking along 2 Mile Line and Inspiration Road, wearing a white button up stripe shirt, faded blue jeans, black shoes and a white colored baseball cap.

"We have been awake for the last three nights. We don't sleep, we don't even eat. We've been waiting for him, Juanita said.

Although he is 70-years-old and has numerous health problems, Juanita says Modesto walked across town everyday to get to work.

"He would be hours walking, Juanita said. Always between five and 10 miles per day."

It wasn't until he didn't come home Saturday evening that she began to worry and call Mission Police.

"We are out there right now assisting the family trying to locate him, Mission Police Interim-Chief Robert Dominguez said.

After spending three days searching for her father, Juanita is turning to the public for help, posting signs across the city.

Known to drink beer as he walked, Juanita fears he may have fallen in a canal.

"After I have been walking through the canal I would see empty beer bottles and I am fearing that maybe he fell in one of the canals, Juanita said.

The de la Rosa family is not giving up in their search and whether Modesto is alive or dead they hope to find answers.

If you have any information that may help in the search call Mission Crime Stoppers at 581-8477.