Mission home explosion was possibly arson - Investigator

An exploding propane tank left a trail of destruction along its path inside a Mission home on Friday night.

"The windows were just blown out; they didn't break Roberto Medrano said. It just blew out the whole frame."

The force blew out not just the windows, but it separated the wall itself from the rest of the home located on the 100 block of Mesquite Street.

Medrano is the director of housing ministry for the Diocese of Brownsville.

They own several homes in the area and use them to house people in need.

"This was not an accident, this was an intentional act, a terroristic act, violent act in which a propane tank was apparently placed on top of the stove and it exploded," he said.

The Diocese leased out the home to a 39-year-old mother and her two children, ages 15 and 9.

Ironically, Medrano said, the family is now even greater need than before.

"We are at 100 percent occupancy right now, he added. We don TMt have another extra house where we can house them, so that's the situation."

Investigators have a person of interest in custody for questioning, the woman's ex-husband.

Mission Fire Marshal Gilbert Sanchez said they arrested him on an outstanding warrant for an unrelated crime.

He added that there was a troubled past between the pair.

"We had some issues within the residence, prior, to other domestic issues, he said. But we're following up on those as well."

If investigators determine the man is responsible for the explosion, he would face charges for arson.

The man will remain in custody until the investigation is complete.

Medrano said they will pursue the case until the person responsible is held accountable.

"This individual has basically rendered this house uninhabitable and there's a homeless family right now," he added.

In the meantime, the focus will be on the family, and finding them a place to stay.

Currently, the family is temporarily staying with the woman's mother.

Medrano said it could take months and thousands of dollars to repair the home.

Anyone who would like to help can call Roberto Medrano the Diocese of Brownsville TMs Housing Ministry at (956) 585-5051.