Mission homeowner shoots at home invaders

Sheriff Deputies are investigating a home invasion that happened Northwest of Mission.

According to the sheriff's office, the invaders banked on finding a large amount of marijuana, but instead found a very angry homeowner who fired at them.

Sheriff Trevino said it was a 7-man raid, and since the homeowner felt his life was in danger, he was in his right to shoot at the men.

Under the castle law, a homeowner can defend his property can defend himself and a third party from what he believes to be a deadly attack with the same type of force, said Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino.

Sheriff Trevino said that's exactly what happened once the invaders entered the home, the homeowner met them in the hallway, and they had a firefight.

One of the home invaders was shot at least twice, said the sheriff.

A sign outside the home warns trespassers that that could happen.

Sheriff Trevino said the home invader that was shot suffered non-life threatening injuries, and the homeowner and his wife did not get injured.

The home invaders believed that there was a very large amount of marijuana at the residence, said Sheriff Trevino.

But when deputies searched, they came up with nothing.

We don TMt know if the raiding party had flawed intelligence or maybe the marijuana was moved out, said Trevino.

Sheriff Trevino said home invasions like this used to be more common for the Hidalgo County Sheriff's office.

We used to have two home invasions a night there for a while, said Trevino.

But Sheriff Trevino said home invasions and aggravated robberies have been on the decline.

We believe that our proactive policing strategies and higher police presence has prevented a lot of the home invasions, said Sheriff Trevino.

Policing strategies like the homicide-robbery unit, tactical patrol unit and outreach programs.

The sheriff estimates this type of crime is down 40 percent.

Sheriff Trevino said four people have been arrested for the home invasion and Wednesday, they expect to arrest three more.