Mission hospital CEO was among stranded cruise ship passengers

Javier Iruegas // Mission Regional Medical Center

Action 4 News has learned that Mission Regional Medical Center CEO Javier Iruegas was among thousands of passengers aboard a cruise ship that was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Carnival Cruise Ship Triumph spent almost a week at sea but docked in Mobile, Alabama on Thursday night.

Hospital administrators have yet to hear much from Iruegas.

But they said communications were limited while Iruegas was at sea due to the lack of electricity aboard the ship.

Uanble to charge his cell phone, Iruegas had limited cell phone use when he landed or traveled by bus early this morning.

But hospital administrators said he managed to send them a message.

"In spite of losing power on board the ship, the Carnival cruise employees have been great and have done everything in their power to keep us safe under this difficult situation," Iruegas wrote.

Iruegas is expected to make it back to work at the hospital on Monday morning.