Mission man uses AK-47 to defend house during home invasion

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office deputies are investigating a home invasion just outside Mission where one suspect was shot in the chest.

It all began with a report of a home invasion at 3405 Farmosa around 9:00 p.m. Monday.

The homeowner claimed a group of armed men burst into his home yelling "police" in Spanish.

The homeowner told deputies he used his AK-47 to shoot at the suspects.

He reported hitting one in the chest.

The suspects reportedly ran, and a witness followed.

Deputies were led to a mobile home near 6 Mile Line and Moore Field Drive.

There they found a suspect hiding under the mobile home

The area was reportedly searched.

The sheriff's office said deputies discovered items that may have been used during the alleged home invasion.

An unknown person took a man with a gunshot wound to McAllen Medical Center.

Deputies are now investigating to determine is that man was the suspect shot during the reported home invasion.