Mission man uses roofing company to swindle money

Jose Manrrique

A man claiming to help people repair their roofs, after that massive March hail storm, has been charged with two counts of theft.

Jose Manrrique not only collected thousands of dollars from two unsuspecting people in the Mission area, butpolice said he was doing the same thing to dozens of others across Hidalgo County. Manrrique was arrested on Friday in the Hebbronville area and charged with two counts of theft.

According to police, he went around Hidalgo County after a hail storm claiming he owned a company called A&M Roofing.

Giving up thousands of dollars, those victims thought they hired Manrrique, but never saw him again.

Manrrique showed little remorse for what he allegedly did and asked the judge to lower his $50,000 bond.

"I'm requesting that you go easy on the bond, sir, said Manrrique. I want to go home to my children and continue to support all of them."

The judge denied that request, saying Manrrique would have to file a motion for bond reduction at a later date.

There are other agencies waiting to get their hands on Manrrique.

Manrrique admitted to going to jail several others times.