Mission neighborhood evacuated after gas line ruptures

A lover TMs quarrel could've destroyed a Mission neighborhood Saturday morning.

It all happened after the boyfriend allegedly slammed into a gas line, rupturing it.

Police spent most of the morning evacuating residents as a precaution.

Blanca Vasquez lives on the corner lot of Los Indios Road.

She said the car came inches away from impacting her home.

Police told her if the gas line had ruptured more, the Colonia could have been gone.

According to Mission police, the vehicle ran over the gas line, broke it and caused almost the entire Madero community to be without gas.

It was a scare for Vasquez and her entire family.

"My son TMs bedroom is right there, said Vasquez. A little more and the man could have knocked it down."

Officials had to contain the area.

The man that was driving the car tried to flee the scene after knocking down the Vasquez TM fence.

The car stayed by the fence detached from the wall of my home, said Vasquez.

She said she heard a woman yelling and arguing with a man when this all happened.

Officers told her it was a dispute between a couple and the boyfriend stole his girlfriends car.

The car became out of control and Vasquez said she couldn't tolerate the smell of gas.

"Really we were thinking that the car had hit the house, said Vasquez. But by the same desperation, the smell of the gas caused my family to run."

Vasquz said she is happy that no one was injured in this accident.

Gas crews have been working to repair the lines and the man who fled the scene is now in custody.

He's going to be charged with leaving the scene of an accident.