Mission officer attacked with bundles of marijuana

A Mission police officer is okay after an alleged drugs smuggler threw two bundles of marijuana at his patrol unit.

Investigators told Action 4 News the officer was in a pursuit with the smugglers when one of them started to hurl bundles at the officers vehicle.

One slammed into the passenger side window and the other smashed his driver TMs side headlight.

Police said the officer is lucky.

They said he could have lost control of his vehicle or even gotten a piece of glass stuck in his eye.

"They throw the bundles out because they know that we will stop and pick them up, Corporal Manuel Casas said. They didn't do that this time. This time they threw the bundles directly at the vehicle and that changes everything now. If this officer lost control he could've been injured are killed. Things have changed now."

Casas said the smugglers were not able to do what is called a "splashdown" because of a giant trench created by the federal government.

This trench was created to stop smugglers from driving into the Rio Grande, with others waiting in boats to quickly unload the drugs, and bring them back to Mexico.

Both men are believed to be in their 30 TMs and are said to have swam back across to Mexico.

There 1,000 pound load did not make it---it remains at the Mission Police Department.