Mission PD powers up with military tank

The MRAP cost nearly $800,000

You may have noticed a large brown vehicle that looks like something you would see the military use.

This is the Mission Police Department TMs latest crime fighting tool.

It TMs called a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, or for short MRAP.

"Since last Monday, we TMve had this vehicle at the Mission Police Department for our SWAT Team to utilize in volatile situations," said Chief Robert Dominguez.

It came just in time; Tuesday it was used for the first time as police responded to a shots fired call where a man barricaded himself inside his home with a shot-gun.

"We didn TMt expect to use it so soon."

"The MRAP is virtually indestructible, it has several layers of steel and bullet proof windows, and if it happens to catch on fire--these fire extinguishers will put it out."

This vehicle costs nearly $800,000, but Mission Police got it for free through a military surplus program.

"From my understanding it was used in Afghanistan and a lot of policing agencies are now receiving vehicle coming from military zones."

Sergeant Ted Rodriguez said equipment like this helps police get closer to the action.

"Being in this type of vehicle, it doesn TMt matter how many times they try and shoot at you, they are just wasting their ammo.

The vehicle is equipped for desert action but Chief Robert Dominguez plans to make a few alterations.

"We are going to put our logos on it, lights, sirens."

That way when it hits the streets, you know who TMs is coming.

The vehicle is free, but if the government needs it for war again, it must be given back

Mission isn't the only police department to receive one of these vehicles.

So have Harlingen, San Benito and Brownsville.