Mission PD TMs holiday crackdown

Mission police kicked off their holiday theft crackdown Wednesday morning.

They TMre using preventative measures to keep thieves away.

As you walk toward your favorite Mission stores this week, you'll see extra police patrolling the parking lot, but don't be alarmed.

It's all part of Mission's preventative patrol to crackdown on holiday crime.

"It's good that Mission police are taking care of that," said Janet Elizondo who shops in Mission.

While people go Christmas shopping, they might be less aware of their surroundings, and Mission police said potential criminals are aware of that.

"We all know that in the parking lots especially during the holiday season that the people out there wanting to commit crimes know that people have more cash on themselves|that they're busy thinking of gifts, and we become more vulnerable to crime," said Assistant Mission Police Chief Martin Garza.

10 officers are stationed at parking lots including undercover officers.

They are looking out for unsecured vehicles, things left unattended and suspicious activity all to help prevent holiday theft.

Elizondo said she's enjoying the extra security, but said shoppers should also look out for themselves to prevent thefts.

"I always try to shop at one store. I finish, and then I go home|that would be my advice," said Elizondo.Mission police said the operation will continue until January 3.