Mission residents react to new texting while driving ban

Another city in Texas has banned texting while driving.

The City of Mission has now joined McAllen, Peitas and Brownsville in banning texting while driving.

The director of a local driving school said it should be a statewide ordinance.

Jose Luis Perez is in charge of spreading the rules of the road at Delta's Driving School in Mission.

He said he's happy to spread the word of a new law in Mission prohibiting drivers from texting while driving.

"I'm all in favor of the texting ban," said Perez. "I wish that we had a state law that would prohibit texting while you're operating a motor vehicle."

Perez said there are many people who don't obey the law even in school zones.

He's seen people texting while driving and talking on the phone.

"Of course while they're driving they're distracted and that makes for a very dangerous situation," said Perez.

Perez said at any speed, texting while driving is dangerous.

So he said minimizing distractions is very important because even if you're driving 20 miles per hour, it'll take you 20 to 30 feet before you're able to stop.

"Even at slow speeds, it is very dangerous because you're not going to stop," said Perez.

Perez and Mission police said they hope drivers advise by the new law.

"There are several accidents that have been reported in the city limits of Mission where the cause of the accident has been by texting," said Assistant Police Chief Martin Garza.

Garza said warnings will be handed out to drivers at first while they familiarize themselves with the new law, but afterwards, there will be zero tolerance for texting while driving.