Mission school addresses sexual assault allegations

Mission school addresses sexual assault allegations

A mother claims her 5-year-old was sexually assaulted by an administrator at her school, but nothing was done.She turned to Action 4 News demanding answers.Superintendent Elizabeth Lopez of Excellence in Leadership Academy in Mission is addressing sexual assault allegations dating back in September.She refused to go on camera -- but confirms a high ranking leader at the school was accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl on campus.Lopez claims that the school conducted their own investigation and according to their investigation it didn TMt happen on campus."Just investigating the timeline it didn TMt happen" Lopez said.Lopez tells Action 4 News an investigation was launched by child protective service, and no wrong doing was uncovered; however Mission police are still waiting for forensic evidence to come back.Concerned parents have also contacted Action 4 News."I know that there is a bad man there so I showed him a picture of him and said he TMs a bad man you see him you run you don TMt go near him if he comes near the class you scream it TMs a bad man it TMs a bad man," Concerned parent Melissa Gomez said.Action 4 News is not releasing the administrator's name, because he has not been charged.Still --- the victim's parents and concerned parents are asking why the administrator is allowed on campus while Mission police investigate."If you suspect at all that these students are in danger then you take action as far as administrative leave but if you know that the children are not at risk and you have minimized the contact with students then there is no need for that," Lopez said.Mission police are awaiting the last and final forensic evidence that will give closure to this case.Something Elizabeth says she needs to make a final determination as to whether the administrator stays.Superintendent Lopez wants to ensure all parent that the school is safe.

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