Mission stash house busted twice in one month

Guillermo Reynoso

Authorities busted a drug smuggling operation running out of the same house twice in one month's time.

Mission police raided a home at the 2200 block of East 29th Street on Wednesday.

Police arrested four men identifed as:

Walter Angulo Guillermo Reynoso Miguel Angel Hernandez Luis Alberto Hernandez

Investigators said all four of them are connected to an organized drug smuggling ring.

Police officers allegedly saw two of them picking up detergent and axel grease from the home, items commonly used to conceal the smell of marijuana.

Inside the home police found $11,000 cash, plastic wrapping used to package cash and drugs and 30 pounds of marijuana.

Police also seized three vehicle, one which was x-rayed which revealed secret hidden compartments on the side of the vehicle likely used to smuggle drugs or cash to San Antonio and Houston.

Inside one of the vehicles investigators found several money wire transfer receipts ranging from $1,000-$4,000, all sent to Mexico.

Police arrested four different men at the same house back on March 4th after investigators found 29 pounds of marijuana.

Angulo was charged with tampering with evidence and evading arrest on foot and was given a $105,000 bond.

Reynoso was charged with money laundering and given a $100,000 dollar bond.

Miguel Hernandez was charged with tampering with evidence, money laundering and evading arrest and given a $250,000.

Luis Alberto Hernandez was charged with failure to identify and money laundering and given a $105,000 bond.