Mission trailer parks targeted by teen thieves

Residents of Hidden Valley Ranch and Leisure Valley Ranch just outside Mission have been plagued with thefts over the past couple of weeks.

Resident John Crawford has lived in Leisure Valley Ranch for five years.

Crawford told Action 4 News that there has never been as much crime.

But he said now vehicles, golf carts and even lawnmowers have turned up missing.

He and other residents told Action 4 News that local teenagers are behind the crimes.

According to those living there---the teens were arrested and later released to their parents--something these residents do not agree with.

They returned the next night and stole more golf carts, said Crawford.

That is why both parks called on Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio for help.

The Sheriff sent out deputies to host a community information meeting.

During the meeting deputies spoke to residents about the crime stoppers program and gave a little insight on how they can handle theft type situations.

They also touched on why these juveniles were released.

Deputies told the residents the juvenile detention center only has 92 beds and is already at capacity.

They said, while the teens might have been released, they still have to appear before a judge.

John said his main concern is that the teens will end up getting shot by someone trying to protect their home and belongings.

To make sure these residents are armed with knowledge and not just a gun"Sheriff Trevino has offered a gun safety course to all park residents.

They are also setting up a sky tower to record all activity in the parks.

This is something that makes John and other residents feel a little safer.