Mission warehouse fire threatens neighboring homes

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It was a scene many described as terrifying as thick black some filled the blue sky.

Dozens of residents who live near Inspiration Road and 4 Mile near Mission watched on in horror as the smoke crept closer to their homes.

"It's just a couple of houses away from my house, Catalina Araoto said. You never know what could happen. This wind could start a fire right across from it."

Firefighters all but disappeared as they walked into the thick smoke. Many residents were told to get out of their homes because the smoke was starting to make its way inside.

Jose Olivarez was one of those people. He said he was asleep and did not know anything was going on.

That was until a neighbor started to bang on his front door.

"I was really scared, Olivarez said. Something could've happened to my house and it could've burned with me in it."

Luckily nothing happened to Olivarez or his home.

He said all of this could have been avoided if there were more water hydrants in the area.

"They have to come with these big tankers, Olivarez said. There has already been four times that they have left and come back."

Action 4 News brought those concerns to the incident commander-- Alton Fire Chief Elias Saldivar. He said the closest hydrant is about a half a mile away from the burn site.

Saldivar said his men, along with the other agencies assisting in the fire, were well equipped with water tankers to help control the blaze.

The cause of this fire is still unknown.