Mission woman shot in stomach ruled "accidental"

Crime Scene File Photo

Authorities have ruled an incident where a Mission woman got shot in the stomach as accidental.

The Mission woman is recovering in the hospital after undergoing exploratory surgery for a gunshot wound.

The woman told police that she was shot as she walked home for a convenience store.

Mission told Action 4 News that officers did not find a blood trail on the street where she said the shooting happened.

Officers searched the woman's home where they reported finding the bullet that went through the woman TMs abdomen.

Doctors performed exploratory surgery to see if any organs were hit, but police say the bullet only traveled through fatty tissue hitting no organs.

The woman confessed to police this morning that she lied to police because she was afraid her children would be taken from the home.

This is not the first time police visited the home which is located at the 100 block of Templo Dorado Drive on the city's southwest side of Mission.

Police responded two separate times in the past year for home invasions, the second time the woman was found tied up.

The woman told police she bought a gun and got a concealed hand gun to protect herself.

But now that she accidently shot herself, police said the woman doesn TMt plan to carry a gun anymore.