Mission woman talks about Craigslist job scam

Kathy Reyes has been hard at work looking for a job.

"I've been searching the internet on job search sites, Craigslist," said Reyes.

One of the job listings she found on Craigslist peeked her interest promising a thousand dollars a week to run an office for a so-called consulting firm from Canada which would be setting up shop in the McAllen area.

"I sent in my resume as they requested," said Reyes.

A David Gentry then responded back saying he would be flying to the valley soon to get the new office with Kathy set up and would need her to handle a few things for him before that happens like reserving his flight and hotel, and even looking for a house for him to live in.

"They are going to send me a cashier's check and he said I could take $300 for my pay and use the rest to set up the office and everything else."

Kathy, once excited to have an opportunity to work is now fearful that it's all just a scam.

Action 4 News took a copy of the email correspondence between Kathy and the so-called businessman to the Better Business Bureau in Weslaco and immediately they spotted several red flags.

Dolores Salinas with the BBB says the email doesn't provide a name of a business and the person emailing her is asking her to find him a home which is a huge indicator that it is not legitimate.

Salinas says anytime someone wants to send you money, it's usually a scam.

"You will be asked to deposit that check and it will bounce. Then you will be responsible for paying that amount back to the bank," said Salinas.

Action 4 News called both of the phone numbers David Gentry provided Kathy and both went to generic voicemails.

Kathy luckily only lost hope for a job and not any money.