Mission woman's home goes up in flames, some blame hoarding

A woman's home goes up in flames.

She blames a coffee pot, but some said her collection of things in and outside her home could have contributed.

Lydia Weaver told us it was an accident and she thanks God she made it out alive.

58-year-old Weaver made it out of her home on East 1st street in Mission safely with her three dogs.

Thank you thank you God thank you for everyone, and I TMm sorry for all the mistakes I TMve made, she said.

Weaver told us she left her home with the coffee pot boiling on her electric stove to pay the bills, and when she got back, she smelled smoke.

And then everything started exploding, she said.

Mission firefighters said they responded to the fire around 8-45 a.m. Friday morning, and when they arrived, they saw very large open flames coming from the backyard.

I TMm sorry and I ask for apologize and the message I give to everyone please don TMt forget to turn off everything, said Weaver.

The firefighters were able to get the fire under control but not without difficulty.

It was a difficult fire to fight because of the amount of product that was burning in the property, said Mission Fire Chief Ricardo Saldaa.

He told us Weaver's property was filled with things in and outside the home.

Apparently this lady had some type of hoarding deal, he said.

Neighbor Graciela Martinez said she can attest to that.

"She had a lot of things all the time. Look, how she has the place," said Martinez.

She said police knocked on her door and told her to evacuate in case the fire would spread.

"We were pretty scared," said Martinez.

She said she's glad the fire didn't spread to neighbors' homes and that Weaver and her dogs made it out safe.

This isn't Weaver's first fire.

She told us over 20 years ago, she escaped from a blaze with third-degree burns.

I had my skin coming off and everything, said Weaver.

She claims the cause of that blaze was also due to leaving the coffee pot on the stove.

Please please don TMt leave nothing on when you leave your house and please give time to yourself to remember the things you need to do, said Weaver.

Weaver said she'll be staying with her son while she determines a more permanent living situation.

Mission firefighters told us the code enforcement has received complaints about the residents.

Investigators are looking into this.