Missionary group helps tornado-torn Alabama

A Missionary, his nephew and two young women are back in town after embarking on the long journey to Harvest, Alabama to help uplift the spirits of those affected by tornadoes.

The tornadoes caused major damage earlier this month leaving behind a trail of debris as far as the eye could see leaving residents trying to pick up the pieces.

That's what Enrique Gonzalez, his 22-year-old nephew Justin Martinez and two young women saw when they arrived to tornado-torn Alabama.

"Right away I knew I needed to go," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez is the associate pastor at Bread Life Church in Mission.

He said when he heard about the aftermath in Alabama , he recruited his group of four and got donations to head over to Harvest, Alabama to help rebuild and feed the volunteers and community.

"For some reason when we were out there was just pure energy we could go all day," Martinez said.

They flipped burgers, picked up debris, and chopped salvage wood that would later be sold to rebuild the Boys and Girls club.

Martinez said he was happy to be done with finals at South Texas College so that he could help out.

Gonzalez said he hopes to continue helping those in alabama that were hurt by the devestation even if it's by helping one person at a time.

Martinez said he will be right beside him helping along.

He said it's unimaginable what the tornado survivors went through.

"A little boy told me that he was real scared cause he was in the hallway and he could see his front door and he said he had a wooden front door and it just got sucked out, and he didn't know what to do," said Martinez.

The group found 25 out of 80 homes in the community still standing, seven people dead from the disaster.

"(The survivors) they were just happy to be alive, and we would pray with people and they would pray and say thank you Jesus for allowing me to be alive today," said Martinez.

Gonzalez said he will plan another trip to the area later this year.