Mission's Economic Development Authority and EDC to merge

After over 20 years, the Mission Economic Development Authority will be no more.

The city council moved to dissolve the organization by September 30.

At first, this came as a shock to its president and CEO, but today, he met with the board to discuss what happens next.

Behind closed doors, board members of the Mission Economic Development Authority (MEDA) discussed details concerning the change.

One topic of discussion, a pending project for roadway improvements.

Board members said they want the project done before dissolving the MEDA.

"That was a large part of the executive session discussion is trying to figure out are we going to be able to get this done without having the corporation dissolved and disrupt that contract," said MEDA President and CEO Pat Townsend.

Townsend told Action 4 News that he's shocked the non-profit organization no longer exsists.

"I'm deeply disappointed I mean MEDA has done great work for the city of Mission for a number of years," said Townsend.

Mission EDA has been around since the late 1980's to encourage expansion and development of economic growth in the City of Mission.

"We should have had a discussion this is what we'd like to see--get it done," said Townsend.

The city council recently voted to merge the Mission Economic Development Authority with the Mission Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

The mayor has reportedly said because it was taking took long for the MEDA to complete projects, merging would increase productivity.

"I hate to disagree with the mayor , but if anyone is to be blamed, it's me and I've admitted that to the board on a number of occasions," said Townsend.

Although the EDA and EDC will be merged into one, city manager Julio Cerda said he believes the group can still keep up with the city's growth.

"All economic development corporations in the Valley or in the state in Texas are just one economic development corporation," said Cerda.

Julio Cerda said the merge is positive because the MEDC works under the city.

"It would be good for the council to have a direct contact with the seven board members to run both the corporation and the authority," said Cerda.

Townsend said it could be a good thing as long as the merger is planned and non-disruptive.

The Mission Economic Development Authority approved a bid to continue the project on roadway improvement.

They said the project should be completed before the transition deadline which is September 30.

Townsend said the mayor has said that the MEDA staff would remain but would just report to a different board of directors.