Mistrial declared due to juror's sick husband

Eduardo Enrique Polanco was killed while running along Highway 100

A trial for criminally negligent homicide ended abruptly on Tuesday morning.

The trial for Juan Carlos Garcia started on Monday before Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez in the 404th State District Court.

Garcia is accused of running over and killing former U.S. Marine Eduardo Polanco, who was jogging near Los Fresnos back on March 2012.

The trial was supposed to continue on Tuesday morning but one of the jurors called in saying her husband was in the emergency room with a heart condition.

Cameron County District Attorney TMs Office investigators were sent to confirm.

Without alternate jurors, Judge Cornejo-Lopez said the trial could not continue.

Judge Cornejo-Lopez declared a mistrial and said a new jury would need to be selected at a later date.