Mixed feelings surround mother TMs manslaughter charge

His father and teen brother carried three-year-old Francisco Avila TMs casket Saturday.

The pain of losing the toddler was as evident, as the brother could not hold back tears.

Authorities said the boy died Tuesday, after he got inside a broken down van outside his Cameron Park home. They said he somehow locked himself inside, and two hours later, his teen sister found him dead. The boy's mother, 33-year-old Elena Isabel Rodriguez, is charged with manslaughter. "It's not fair - she should be free, here, paying her final goodbyes to her child," Carlos Orenday, a family friend said. "It's unjust that they are charging her for something that was an accident. On top of that, she's dealing with the pain of losing a child." But not all those who attended the boy's funeral feel the same. Franco Garza said he sympathizes with the boy's parents. He's a member of Bikers for Kids and even helped with funeral expenses. He said parents need to be held accountable. "Everybody has a different opinion on it," Garza said. "She did wrong - somebody has to pay for it. "Despite different opinions, both men agree, parents need more education on protecting their children. "I think Brownsville should start an education (program) on heat strokes and heat, because we don TMt have that here," Garza said. "These tragedies have been happening a lot just for the ignorance of people." Orenday said parents just need to keep a closer eye on their curios toddlers. ''There's a certain age where parents have to watch them all the time," Orenday said. "Since the time they start walking, we have to watch that they don TMt drink certain things, don TMt get into cars - I hope what happened here is a lesson to all parents."