MLK weekend yields drug smuggling cases

Jesus Ramiro Reyes

It was a relaxing three-day weekend for many Rio Grande Valley residents but not six people behind bars for drug smuggling.

Customs officers and Border Patrol agents arrested them in four separate drug smuggling cases over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers arrested Jesus Ramiro Reyes at the Gateway International Bridge at 7:36 p.m. Saturday.

The 26-year-old Brownsville man is accused of hiding 12 pounds of cocaine in a hidden compartment inside his 2003 Ford Explorer.

Customs officers at the B&M International Bridge arrested 24-year-old Mayra Lumbreras-Gamez on Saturday.

She's accused of hiding more than 22 pounds of cocaine in her Chrysler Sebring's dashboard.

Diana Esmerald Bocanegra-Ayala was arrested at the same bridge on Sunday.

She's accused of having 75 pounds of marijuana hidden inside the rear panels of Chrysler Mini-Van.

Border Patrol agents were also busy on the three-day weekend.

Horseback agents spotted a group of drug smugglers in a corn field near Florida and Oklahoma Roads in Brownsville on Sunday.

They allegedly caught Pedro de Jesus Mendoza, Jose Maria Zapata-Castillo and a 17-year-old hauling more than 251 pounds of pot.

All the suspects except for the 17-year-old appeared before U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Ronald Morgan in Brownsville on Tuesday morning.

Judge Morgan denied bond for all five drug drug smuggling suspects until separate Friday morning hearings for each case.