Mobile home mess

Priscilla Gomez claims the problems started once her family moved in to a mobile home at the Garden Park mobile park in San Benito, about mid-August.

She claims once their electricity was turned on, they learned wall outlets and wall switches didn't work.

"Turned out that the light switches in the living room and the bedroom that me and my husband are at work, but not the plug said Priscilla Gomez. And then in the kitchen, bathroom and kids room, the plugs work but not the light switches".

Not only is there a problem with the electricity, but Pricilla told Action 4 News her toilet is the only thing connected to the sewer line, causing the foundation to sink.

The water from the shower, the sinks and the washer were staying underneath the trailer, and sinking the blocks that hold up the trailer" said Pricilla.

In order to keep the foundation up, Pricilla TMs husband had to rig an irrigation system from underneath the trailer.

Pricilla said they alerted the park manager and the maintenance man about the ongoing issues from the start.

But according to the park owner, Jolie Ares TM attorney, Stan Hules, his client alerted the tenants about all of the problems before they moved in.

Hules states Pricilla Gomez never complained about the problems until it was time to pay this month's rent.

"If we had known at the beginning we would not have moved in said Emilio Gomez, Pricilla TMs husband.

Ares's attorney said a maintenance man was contacted to investigate and repair the issues.

But claims that Priscilla was not satisfied with the repairs.

In a statement to Action 4 News he states:

"At bar, my client is willing to refund Ms. Gomez her entire 200 dollar deposit and collect no fees for the month of September. However it appears Ms. Gomez refuses to leave.

Pricilla said she wants to stay because it TMs hard to find a new place on such short notice.

She feels it should be the landlords responsibility to provide a safe Environment.