Mock plane crash in Brownsville helps train emergency crews

Bloody clothes, broken bones and severe fractures are all images you'd expect to see in a deadly plane crash.

And if you happened to be driving near the airport Tuesday morning in Brownsville that was probably your first thought.

Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport in conjunction with 50 students from Veterans Memorial High School simulated the horrific incident for a training exercise where they pretended a plane collided, sending passengers everywhere. The training was made to seem so authentic that they even enlisted the help of EMS, law enforcement and the Texas Department of Public Safety, along with several federal agencies. According to Aviation Director Larry A. Brown, the exercises are crucial for that hands-on experience they need in order to be prepared.

But for the students from Veterans High who participated, it was also a great lesson they said, wouldn't have been captured inside the classroom.

Frank Sanchez, a Criminal Justice teacher at Veterans said that this simulation gives them a real look at a potential career. In the end, this was all just a mere production of calamity but for travelers who fly through the Brownsville airport, they can rest assured if disaster were to strike the airport is ready!

The training is mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration for airports across the country that must be completed, once every three years.