Moldy lard at M & M Bakery, roaches at Kiki's and El Sombrero Cafe

Quick Wok manager Abel Arellano

Quick Wok on 505 West University Drive in Edinburg is celebrating 15 years in business.

The Food Patrol can't think of a better way to celebrate than with a top performer sticker for zero demerits.

"I feel good," Manager Abel Arellano said. "And everybody in the kitchen says they feel good."

And they should feel good too.

This is the restaurant's third perfect inspection report.

Top performer stickers are on the door for every year since 2011.

Manager Abel Arellano says the stickers translate into big business.

"Tell me why you're so happy?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked. "Because the people come who watch the sticker and everybody says you're the best in Edinburg and all restaurants," he explained.

El Sombrero Cafe on 210 West Jackson Street in Harlingen is a May 2013 top performer.

Unfortunately, the restaurant has fallen from grace on Food 4 Thought due to roaches!

Several are seen throughout multiple areas of the eatery, according to an inspector's notes.

The insect contamination makes up part of the 10 demerits exposed on a city check-up.

Management is not around to speak with the Food Patrol about the violation on Wednesday afternoon.

The dirtiest kitchen distinction this week on Food 4 Thought goes to M & M Bakery on 4834 Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville with 38 demerits.

It's a low performer.

Inspector notes include words like "very dirty" to describe areas of the kitchen.

But the photo evidence of violations speaks louder than words.

A kitchen cop snaps pictures of dead roaches, moldy lard and spider webs on equipment.

Management says the violations have been addressed and the bakery has been fumigated.

Kiki's on 2501 Paredes Line Road in Brownsville isn't keeping it clean.

The restaurant scores 32 demerits with roaches!

Live and dead ones are in and around cabinets, according to the health report.

The health department orders an immediate extermination of the building.

Owner Edgar Martell voluntarily closes for the day to clean-up and scores a 0 demerit re-inspection.

Edgar tells the Food Patrol over the phone what's been done to prevent future dirty dining.

"For personal reasons I wasn't able to be in front of my business but since all these issues started coming up, now I'm back in charge and in front of it so personally I'm taking care of them," he said through a translator over the phone.

You know what the Food Patrol says to that: "Keep it clean!"

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

HarlingenEl Sombrero Caf 210 W Jackson (10) *Roaches in Areas*

BrownsvilleM & M Bakery 4834 Boca Chica Blvd (38) *Moldy Lard, Roaches*Kiki TMs 2501 Paredes Line (32, 0) *Voluntary Shutdown, Roaches*

Weekly Top Perfomer List: (0 demerits)

McAllenRed Lobster 7617 N 10thEl Pollo Loco 601 NolanaBurger King 7209 N 23rd

HarlingenMcDonald TMs 1801 W LincolnTila TMs 902 DixielandSonic 1206 MorganGolden Corral 1605 W Tyler

PharrSubway 7309 S Cage BlvdDelia TMs 825 W Ferguson

EdinburgQuick Wok 505 W University DrJack in the Box 102 E Monte CristoPump Jack 711 W Monte CristoWing Stop 2405 W UniversityWhataburger 1812 W University