Mom demands public apology from Brownsville police after her arrest

Gonzalez says she wants an apology from Brownsville PD after being arrested

Christina Gonzalez wants to clear her name.

"I really feel like I've been betrayed by my community," she said.

The 30-year-old sales and marketing woman in Brownsville, who's also a wife and mother to three children, says she was wrongly arrested on Monday.

The story that's been put out is a complete fabrication of what really happened," she said.

Gonzalez is accused in a hit and run accident along the 2600 block of Southmost Boulevard involving a motorcyclist.

Were you dragging him? Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf asked. Was he on the car as you were pulling away?"

He was on the car but I wasn't dragging him, she responded. He didn't drag at all. I wasn't going to allow that to happen either."

Gonzalez says she asked the rider who she admits to hitting from behind to exchange information from the safety of a bank parking lot near the accident scene.

"He said no, she recalled. I got into my car. And he's jumping in my window. And he's struggling with me. He's physically assaulting me trying to get me out of the vehicle."

Brownsville police also accuse her of trying to hit an officer with her vehicle while allegedly fleeing the scene.

It's a claim she denies.

"Right in front of Wells Fargo| we were just about right there and I was already talking to 911, she said when an officer arrived. At that point, he completely backed off and I went from right there in the middle to right over here. This is about clearing my name, and I also want those charges to be dropped and want a public apology from Brownsville PD."

Brownsville Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez says his department will not be issuing any apologies in the case.

He showed Action 4 News eyewitness cell phone video of the motorcycle rider being pulled along the road.

"She's trying to leave!" a woman TMs voice could be heard on the video.

Chief Rodriguez says Gonzalez is the one behind the wheel.

He also explains how she nearly hits his officer.

When the officer actually sees the driver, he puts the car in reverse, to take evasive action for what he felt was imminent threat to his safety, the chief explained. At that point the officer then takes different measures and yells at the driver to stop and not move and that's not what happened."

Gonzalez believes she's the victim.

"I was afraid for myself," she said.

Gonzalez calls the charges against her a big misunderstanding.

She TMs facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault of a public servant and evading arrest with a motor vehicle.

Police would not release the identity of the motorcyclist who has not been charged with any crimes

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