Mom dresses like 12 year old to bring down alleged online predator

A Harlingen mom allowed her 12 year old daughter to have a Facebook page on the condition that she had complete access.

Last week, the woman was searching through friend requests on the girl TMs page and stumbled upon Freddie Love TMs request.

There was no picture and he claimed to be a 20 year old University of Texas at Brownsville student.

Mom, pretending to be the girl, asked Freddie Love how he knew the girl and allegedly his reply was that he didn TMt know her but would like to.

"I gave him many chances to withdraw. I let him know I was 12 and my mom was asleep. He was persistent even though he knew it was wrong, says the woman who we will not identify to protect the minor involved. "He was being very explicit about what he wanted done. He wanted (oral sex) and told me what position. Those are things that a 12 year old has no knowledge of."

Then came the most frightening request.

"He asked me to sneak out thinking I was my daughter. That TMs when I contacted police."

The mom went even further by setting up a meeting with the man and then disguised herself as a middle school student.

She threw on a wig and her daughter TMs hoodie and sneakers then set out to bring the alleged online predator down.

"I told him I was going to walk to Wal-Mart and to let me know what he was driving. He described a 4 door Ford car. I was right by the gas station and he parked 2 feet away from me. He told me he was Freddie not to be scared and to get in the car."

Mom opened the car door and that's when Harlingen police who had been in on the sting stepped in to arrest Alfredo Hernandez who isn't a 20 year old UTB student, but instead a choir teacher at Berta Cabaza Middle School in San Benito.

"I will do this again if I have to. If it means getting any predator or creep off the street why not."

Hernandez was arrested and charged with solicitation of a minor. He posted bond over the weekend.

According to San Benito CISD administrators Hernandez resigned from his position as a teacher today.