Mom jailed after beating child for bad spelling, jumping on bed

Mariana Betancourt // Cameron County Sheriff

A mother is behind bars after she hit her child for not writing the letter a properly and for jumping on the bed.

Brownsville police arrested Mariana Betancourt after her five-year-old son told his teacher that he was hit by his mother.

Police said a teacher at Palm Grove Elementary asked the child about redness on his left eye October 14th.

According to documents, the child said he fell off a trampoline and his mother hit him for not properly writing the letter a.

Investigators told Action 4 News that Betancourt said the child hurt himself playing on a trampoline.

Family members of Betancourt admitted they had a trampoline, but no one got hurt.

The child was removed from Betancourt and taken to a family member.

According to authorities, the child said his mother told him to lie about the trampoline incident and was hit because of the letter a.

Betancourt admitted to police she did hit her child for jumping on a bed at their home Wednesday.

Brownsville police charged the mother with injury to a child, a 3rd degree felony.

A bond of $75,000 was set for Betancourt.