Mom jailed after runaway vehicle at car wash with kids inside

A runaway Chevy Malibu leaves behind a path of destruction in Rio Hondo.

Two young children are in the vehicle at the time.

Police say their mother, Andrea Silva, left them inside while washing her car.

It's not a crime to wash your car, Sgt. Victor Tamayo explained. The problem that we have here is that she left two kids unattended with the vehicle turned on, the motor running."

The driverless drama unfolds Tuesday afternoon at the Rio Car Wash.

Silva's 2-year-old daughter, who isn't in a car seat, gets out of her seatbelt and somehow knocks the car into drive with her 11 month old brother inside, according to the police Sgt. Tamayo.

She said that she had problems with the vehicle and apparently couldn't tell if it was in park or neutral, he said.

The vehicle catapults forward, barreling through a fence before crashing into a mobile home some 40 yards away at the Twin Palms RV Resort.

Patti McMillen is property manager.

Right now the physical damage is minimal but it could have been really bad," she told Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf. The biggest thing is that the kids could have been hurt."

The 23-year-old Silva is charged with 2 counts of child endangerment.

Lydia Garcia says her daughter is a good mother who made a bad decision.

She just looked away for like a split second and it happened, she explained. It wasn't something she planned or intentional or anything like that."

"Do you think it warranted being charged? Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf asked. Do you think this was a tough lesson learned for your daughter?

Yes, she responded.

The Rio Hondo Police Department hopes this case will serve as a reminder to put the proper care of kids before the car.

Take the extra step to make sure their children are safe," Sgt. Tamayo said.

Silva was released from jail on Wednesday on a personal recognizance bond, according to her mother.

Police say she was driving without a license and no insurance.

Her vehicle has been impounded.

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