Mom plans awareness campaign after toddler killed by TV tip over

From the time Ozzie Martinez was born, dancing made him smile.

Cell phone video captured the joy typically seen from his face to his feet, including one his mother recorded just 2 days before Ozzie TMs untimely death.

"We prayed, Isvi Cienfuegos said. We all prayed he wasn't dead. But something so heavy on him, we kind of already knew."

She says a 40 box-style television set fell on top of her 2-year-old last Monday in Brownsville.

It weighs about a 100 pounds.

The older-style TV tipped over while on top of a dresser.

Isvi thinks Ozzie either pushed, pulled or tried to climb it while playing with his 6-year-old sister.

"When I tried carrying him he ran off into the room and after that within a minute we heard the thump," she says.

Isvi and her husband Oscar Martinez have 8 kids between them.

They TMve spent countless money and time safeguarding their home just like any other responsible parents would to protect their kids from dangers.

"Safety knobs on the drawers, the outlets but not for a TV," she said with tears in her eyes.

A child is killed by a falling TV once every 3 weeks in the United States, according to published reports.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released how 215 people died in tip-overs involving televisions between 2000 and 2011.

Nearly all of the fatalities were listed as children under age 18.

The biggest spike was in 2011.

Retail stores like Home Depot sell safety anchors or anti-tip devices for protection.

Isvi says her family wants to do their part to keep other kids safe too.

"I don't want any child or any parents or any brothers or sisters to go through what we're going through," she said.

She plans to start an online social media awareness campaign to warn other parents about the dangers of TV-related accidents involving children.

"Not to put them on dressers, she said. They're not safe. Even if it looks bad and the interior design isn't going to match... Who cares! Put it on the floor. Put it where it's not going to fall on their head."

She wants the other Ozzie TMs of the world to never miss a beat.

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