Moms Get Opportunity to "Latch On" to Breastfeeding Advice

This week marks World Breastfeeding Week, a time to raise awareness on the importance and rise in trend of breastfeeding.

This weekend, Blissful Baby Maternity Concierge will host the Big Latch On event.

There, new moms or expecting moms will be able have questions addressed by experts.

They TMll also get to learn more about techniques and new products available on the market.

In addition, new mothers are encouraged to participate in the Big Latch On, where women across the world will breastfeed their babies at a specific time.

This morning, Nancy Cavazos with Blissful Baby and the coordinator was on Sunrise to explain.

Big Latch OnWhere: Brownsville Children TMs MuseumWhen: Saturday, August 3rdTime: 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m.Contact: Nancy CavazosPhone: (956) 492-2620