Money Talks - Save On Holiday Travel

This holiday season promises to be one of the most expensive in recent memory.

With fewer seats and more potential passengers, airlines are already jacking up the rates.

This means you need to get creative with your planning.

First, book as early as possible and check out sites that offer trip guarantees like

According to their site, if your flight goes down in price once you buy--you'll receive a check for the difference.

If you can, travel on the actual holiday - Thanksgiving day...Christmas day, you'll be rewarded with lower fares, and less stress.

The other option? Get there sooner or leave later than usual - do anything to avoid the day before and day after.

There are websites that can hook you up with the cheapest days to travel - and the times when you'll pay the highest holiday surcharge.

And here's something new: the time of day when you book your flight: some experts are saying staying up late could get you a better deal - book after midnight.

More help from the web: sites where you set can set up a price alert that will automatically notify you when fares on your specified routes change.

Then there's the more old standby: Be flexible...check out secondary airports near major hubs. You'll often encounter fewer delays and find better deals.