Money Talks - The Cost of Living Forever

"We're trying to save our own lives. Most people who sign up for cryonics are essentially agreeing to participate in probably the most grand experiment in human existence. The idea of Cryonics is maybe a second chance. It might be a small chance, but it is a second chance, says Cathryn Baldwin, of Suspended Animation: a cryonics company.

It's the science of freezing you within minutes of clinical death with the hope of reanimating you sometime in the future. Possible, or preposterous?

"It's not impossible. It is a long shot. Science moves at an incremental pace. And the science that supports cryonics also moves incrementally. So it's not going to happen tomorrow, says Cathryn Baldwin. "Depending on which storage organization you sign up for and how my team will take care of you and where, the fees can range anywhere from about $30,000 total to about $200,000 total.

What makes cryonics so expensive?

First, a team of medical professionals has to be there the instant you die to start the preservation process. Next, of course, is storage.

Keeping your body in a liquid nitrogen tank for hundreds of years is going to cost big bucks.

So the cost is huge, and the science?


But the chance to cheat death? It's not hard to see the appeal.