Money Talks: 3 Dumb Ways to Pick a Smart Phone

The thing I love most about the smart phone is that you almost never lose an argument again. OK? You have Google at the tips of your fingers, any question you have you can answer it real quick.

If you've been thinking smart phone lately, this is a good time of year to take the plunge. Some experts are saying December will be a good month for deals and discounts.

But don't be dumb when selecting a smart phone. For example: picking a phone without first checking your usage and shopping plans.

Before you shop, look at your current stats to see how many minutes you're using. And remember - when you move up to a smart phone, you'll also need a data plan - some are expensive. Estimate how much you'll need and compare prices.

Another dumb move: buying the wrong phone. To take full advantage of what a smart phone can do, get one with a big screen. And good resolution: minimum of 480 x 320. And get a touchscreen.

And the last dumb way to pick a smart phone? Just buying what your friends have.

That's the biggest mistake people make, just buy the phone that looks pretty, or buy the phone that everybody wants.

Go to the store and try out a few before you decide. Make sure it's comfortable, has good sound, is intuitive to use and can easily deal with e-mails and web-surfing.

Remember that most smart phone contracts come with a two-year commitment and hefty termination fees. So comparison shop before you commit. And I've got more information waiting for you right here at