Money Talks: 3 Tips to Clean Up Your Credit History

History isn't just limited to dusty books you find in school or at the've got one of your own.

It's your credit history. What does yours say about you?

"Peter Ustinov said, "The great thing about history is that it's adaptable." That's certainly true of your credit history: because you can alter your credit history to make it look it's best. Here's how.

Step one? Get a free copy of your report from

Step two? Go over your history and look for mistakes. Are all the debts yours? If there are negatives, are they accurate?

Step three? Dispute any negative entries that are wrong or outdated. Most negatives can only stay on your credit history for seven years.

And here's something really important. If you dispute anything on your credit history and the credit bureau can't prove that it's accurate, they gotta take it off."

So you if you have bad stuff that's wrong dispute it. If it's true, you have to right to provide an explanation.

You can also write the lender that put the negative there and ask them to remove it.

Bottom line? You may not be able to alter world history, but you can certainly alter your credit history.

All you need is a little more information and I've got it for you right here at it out. And if your history is really bad, take solace from this quote from Warren Buffet: If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians. For moneytalksnews, I'm Stacy Johnson.