Money Talks: 5 Jobs for Animal Lovers

"Good boy! Yes, you're a good boy!"

Lara and her partner Kara have a love animals, people and extra money. So what better idea than to go into business together as pet sitters?

Lara says, "I love pets and want to meet new people, I'm a very outgoing person and I think it's an interesting business to get into."

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $3.4 billion on pet services last year. In addition to pet sitters, here are four more ideas.

Walking dogs can pay pretty well: $15 - $25 hour. Once you're established, you might expect 30-60 grand a year.

Being a pet groomer requires some training, and maybe an apprenticeship. But pay your dues and you can earn six figures.

Here's a low-tech job...pooper scooper. Obviously not high status, but well paying... you can charge $50 per yard, and be done with a yard in minutes.

Finally, a job that won't rub you the wrong way: dog masseuse. While it may sound odd, it exists, and the prices being charged are like human prices: 25 - $100/hr.

Of course, no business works unless you work it.

Lara says, "Advertising, word-of-mouth, networking, going to dog parks and going wherever you can find."

I can hook you up with more information for each of these pet jobs (website) just join me right here at I'm Stacy Johnson.