Money Talks: 8 Tools Everyone Should Have at Home

No matter where you live, at some point you'll have a project or repair to do. And you can save big bucks by doing some things yourself.

Look, if you've got to call a handyman every time you've got a leaky faucet or you need to hang a picture or you need to assemble some furniture, you'll be wasting tons of money.

What you could do instead is get a few simple tools and combine those with the Internet and you're going to save yourself a ton.

First tool, a classic claw hammer. Go for a synthetic handle in a 16-ounce size to handle most jobs. Next - you've got to have a tape measure. A 25-foot, locking one should meet your needs.

Don't forget the safety glasses... they're handy for everything from hammering to mowing the lawn. My producer found these for 30 cents.

Every home needs a screw driver set with both flat head and Phillips heads. Next, a cordless drill. It's a little more pricey maybe, but it can be really handy for everything from putting up drapes to assembling your latest Ikea purchase.

Make sure to keep those pictures straight... Have a level on hand... either in your tool kit or you can even use your smart phone. Pliers are great to have to tighten, loosen, hold or grip things. And what tool kit is complete without good old duct tape. It's got tons of uses from patching things to making a temporary trouser hem.

You can buy a kit with the essential tools for about 25 bucks, which is probably less than calling a handyman just once for a service call. Want to see more tools and add to the list? Go to and search for "tools."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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