Money Talks: Holiday Tipping 2010

There's a lot of people who help make our lives easier all year long. Babysitters, pet sitters, those who cut our hair and educate our kids. So as the year ends, tradition says its time to show them just how much we appreciate their service.

If you visit sites like Emily Post, you'll find a long list of people you're should consider tipping, from your garbage collector to your mail carrier.

But if you visit sites like Consumer Reports, you'll find that many of us aren't doing this.

For example, according to Consumer Reports, last year only 11% of respondents tipped the garbage collector. Only about 1 in 5 tipped their mail carrier and only about 1/3 tipped the barber.

Who was the most likely to get tipped? A cleaning person: about 2/3 of respondents gave them a holiday tip. Teachers were next at 60% and about half tipped their hairdresser.

If it's a lack of money that's keeping you from tipping, here's a tip: don't give any. There's some people you can't give money to anyway, like a Letter carriers, for example. But who wouldn't like a nice tray of cookies, or a house plant?

So here's the best tip on tipping. Make a list of those people you value most. If you can't afford a cash tip, bake or make a little something.

And then, of course, there's cards. Nothing wrong with giving somebody a nice card saying how much you appreciate their help throughout the year. Bottom line? Don't let a shortage of cash keep you out of the holiday spirit. And if you need more tips on tipping, I've got em for you right here at