Money Talks: How to Hire a Real Estate Agent

When it was time for George Gabelman to cook up some offers for his home, he hired a real estate agent. And he picked one the same way most people do:

"He was a personal friend. I live in New Jersey and I come down here visiting and I met him one day and we got to be friends."

Is that how you were hired where you work? Look, you're paying 6% of your home's value for this person. Make sure you get your money's worth.

Boil it down, and agents get paid big bucks for two reasons: one, first, they have access to Multiple Listing, that exposes your home to the most potential buyers. Second, they should be good at marketing that house. .

And that's where you separate the wheat from the chaff. How? By asking the same questions you were asked when you applied for your job. Like experience:

"I'm new. I'm new in the business. Only 28 years."

And effectiveness. How much property have you personally sold in the last year?

"In the last year, I have sold nearly 20 million dollars."

And then how are you specifically planning to market my property? What's your plan?

"Newspaper advertising is usually done today just for the benefit of the owner. But that's not how a piece of property gets sold. Internet. Internet, internet, internet."

And then there's the feeling you get|the same feeling that someone had the day they hired you.

Bottom line? Selling a home is tough, especially these days. If you're going to hire help, get your money's worth. I've got specific questions you should ask agents right here at