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      Money Talks: Nation's Trendiest Hotels

      According to web site Trip Advisor, this is the trendiest hotel in all of America: - the W on Fort Lauderdale Beach. From the presidential suite to the pool overlooking the ocean, it's a pretty cool place.

      But whether you're trying to be cool, or just trying to get a roof over your head, there are always ways to save on hotels - yes, even this one.

      Simplest way to save as much as two thirds? Go in the off season.

      Scott Brooks, W Hotels, says, " Peak season on a very busy weekend, we might sell as much as $500 for a room. Then it gets down to as low as $150 off season.

      The Internet can help. Check the hotel's website, then do a search for the hotel and the word "coupon."

      You might also save by staying mid-week if it's a vacation spot, on the weekends if it's a business hotel.

      But all those tips are chickenfeed comparing to the way to really save on hotels... simply ask for a better deal.

      You do this not on a chain's 800 number, but by calling the front desk or sales department. Start by finding the normal rate. Then, Step 1: Ask for a better deal.

      What can you do for me if I'm a member of say AAA or AARP, or just about any organization: you must be able to give me a better deal."

      You can also play the competition card: tell them rooms are cheaper nearby. No dice? At least try to get a better room for the same money.

      Brooks says, "If we've got an upgraded room available, often times we'll do that for a customer."

      Bottom line? Whether it's the trendiest hotel in the country or the local motel 6, there's always a way to save a buck or two. Want more ideas? They're waiting for you right here at moneytalksnews.com. I'm Stacy Johnson.