Money Talks News: Fighting a Traffic Ticket

"If a person receives a speeding ticket and they have to pay some money to the court for a penalty, then that's one thing. But should a person that receives a ticket for going 40 in a 30, should they now have a 30 percent increase in their insurance premiums for years and years and years to come for one small infraction? I don't think so and that's something that we can avoid."

Ted Hollander is a lawyer with The Ticket Clinic, specializing in helping people like Emiliano Castillo..."I've received about 5 tickets in my lifetime, maybe more. I've had speeding in a school zone, not wearing a seat belt..."

Emiliano faced hundreds of dollars in fees and points on his license with each ticket, which would have resulted in higher car insurance premiums. But hiring a lawyer has worked out well for him.

"I've never had points. I've never had to go to school. I've never had to go to court. A lot of times I don't have to pay any court costs in general."

When you get a traffic ticket, you've got some options... you can of course just pay it, you might be able to go to school, go to court yourself or you can hire an attorney to see if you can beat it.

But if you can't hire an attorney, consider fighting it yourself. How? The same way a lawyer would. "I would look at the ticket very carefully and look specifically at the statute that they're charged with. Make sure that they then go to the statute book, which can be found online. Find out exactly what needs to be proven in order for them to be found guilty and try to find any way to defend the allegations within the statute."

Another option might be driving school. But whatever you do, try to keep those points off your license and your insurance.

Bottom line... the best way to deal with traffic tickets is obviously not to get them in the first place.

But if you do, it's nice to know there are ways to help put the brakes on the bad consequences.

And I can steer you to even more information.

Just go to and search for "traffic ticket."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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