Money Talks News: Great Kid Gifts for Less Than Ten Bucks

Step into a toy store and one thing you're going to notice quickly: toys are expensive.

But you don't have to bust your budget or cross those kids off your gift list. Here are some ideas you can find at stores, online and make yourself, all for less than ten bucks:

First, legos. They've got different selections for lots of ages and they help with critical thinking and motor skills.

Next, temporary tattoos, like these "monster hands" can provide hours of fun.

Another idea: A coupon book with homemade gift certificates, like a picnic day, a get-out-of-punishment free card.

You can also cultivate their creativity with a box of craft supplies: colored pencils, papers, ribbons: all low-cost items to include.

Now one of my personal favorites: A share of stock. And yeah, there are stocks that cost less than ten bucks. You help them follow it. Who knows? Maybe you're creating the next Warren Bufffet.

Another idea for older girls: little makeup packages. And something for all ages: candy. Finally, give a gift that costs nothing, but is worth everything: your time.

Go to the park, play catch, or just spend time together.

Bottom line: great gifts don't have to break the bank. Need more inspiration? I've got plenty. Just go to and search for "kid gifts." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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