Money Talks News: The Best Jobs That Don't Require a 4-Year Degree

"I've always wanted to be a dental hygienist, since I was younger. Helping people with their smiles and their overall health is just very rewarding."

Also gratifying for Sarah Harley - she'll almost be guaranteed a great-paying job when she's done with her two-year Associate degree program.

"Dental hygiene is in great demand at this point." "Someone coming out into the job market right now can make between 30 and 35 dollars an hour right off the bat."

Dental hygiene is just one of the many jobs that don't require a 4-year degree, but do deliver a nice income. There are plenty more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses are also on the list of jobs projected to grow, with salaries ranging from $65,000 to $70,000.

Then there are technical jobs, like web developers, HVAC and refrigeration mechanics and industrial machine repair. Salaries for these jobs range from $43,000 to $62,500.

Construction is another field with high growth projections. Examples: Electricians, construction managers and brick and block masons, with salaries ranging from $45,000 to more than $82,000.

And air traffic controllers: After training and apprenticeship, certified professional controllers can expect a salary of more than $100,000.

Bottom line: there's nothing wrong with a 4-year degree if money's the motive, there are ways you can make plenty without going to college for 4 years.

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For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.