Money Talks: Resolutions 2011 - Paying Off Debt

As the new year begins, it's resolution time.

And one popular resolution?

Destroy some debt.

If that's one of your goals for this year, don't just say it, do it.

I've got a three step process that's going to help you make it happen.

Step One?

Dig up your bills and make a list of every debt you have.

Everything from your mortgage to your car loan to your credit cards.

Once you know what you owe, it's time for step two.

Target one debt for destruction.

Start with your smallest one.

Then forget your other bills.

Make the minimum payments on everything except your target debt.

But pay everything you can on your target debt until it's dust.

That's step three.

Where are you going to find extra money?

Well, wherever you can.

You know, thanks to the new tax law, this whole year you're only going to have to pay 4% of your pay for social security rather than 6.

Make 5 grand a month?

That's a hundred bucks right there.

Where else can you find money?

Bring your lunch from home.

Skip the lattes.

We've got hundreds of tips online that will give you ideas.

And when that first debt is dust?

You're going to take the old minimum payment from that debt, and you're going to apply it.

Plus all the extra money you're using to the next-smallest debt on your list.

It's a technique called, 'snow-balling.'

So make a list, choose a debt, find extra money, pay it off, then repeat.

By the time the ball drops next year, you're going to be amazed.

And if you need more help or motivation, it's waiting for you at